Devin and the Greedy FerretDevin Harris has a problem...


"Help me win, or your friends will be in big trouble."


Devin and his friends think it will be cool to kidnap the school mascot, but when they try to hide from the police, a run-in with Frederick Ferret causes new problems.  Frederick wants to impose an extreme punishment, and only Devin has a chance to save his friends from it.  But does Devin have what it takes to drive a top performance car on the world’s scariest and most dangerous racetrack and help Frederick win the race?



A funny, exciting chapter book for readers aged 8-12.



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Leo B. Kennedy, age 21, lives in Nashville, TN.  He loves cars, especially high-performance ones.  He also enjoys watching movies, taking walks, going to parties, and most recently, skiing.  Currently, he is taking classes at Nashville State Community College.  He wants it known that he is first and foremost an author, but is also a person with autism.

This interview with author Leo B. Kennedy took place in January, 2013.